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I am gonna walk you through the simple steps in making money anywhere. All you need is your phone and access to internet and also a couple of friends.[/vc_column_text][vc_btn title=”Start Now” color=”danger” align=”center” link=”|title:Affiliate%20Dashboard||”][vc_cta h2=”What is KobisMarket Referral program?” txt_align=”center”]

It is an affiliate program that allows you to make money at the comfort of your home just by referring people to KobisMarket’s Shop.


By referring a customer to, what ever the referee buys you also make money. All you need to do is just refer a customer to make a purchase.

  • You make commissions by referring someone to the store.
  • Commissions are based on percentages. Every order your referee places you get 5% commission.
  • All commission can be seen and checked in your account.
  • All commissions are paid twice within the month. For ever two weeks commissions are calculated automatically and paid to your mobile money account.

It’s so simple and easy. Just register now and start making money.

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Don’t blame someone when you become poor. Blame yourself. The world is getting closer and closer because of technology, take advantage of it and become who you wanna be.

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